January 2019

Hello dog lovers,
Thank you for joining us at Natures Goodness. We believe that grainfree nutrition is the best thing for our canine companions, and we are excited to share our delicious, nutritious products with your fur family.

With summer here it is important to ensure your pets have plenty of water available. Wet foods contain high levels of moisture, which also assists with hydrating our pets. This month you can be in to win four cans of Natures Goodness grainfree dog food - one of each natural, delectable flavour.
This month...

Featured Product

Natures Goodness Chicken & Duck with Garden Vegetables - 400g Can

This is a unique blend of premium meats & vegetables with no added grains. These quality ingredients combine to ensure your dog maintains a happy, healthy lifestyle.
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Natures Goodness Gallery

We love seeing photos of you and your canine companions out and about enjoying life together. Click here to send us your favourite photos, tell us what your dog loves about Natures Goodness and you'll go in the monthly draw to win $30 of Natures Goodness vouchers plus a bag of grainfree Treats!
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Congratulations to Errol from Auckland for winning the December Gallery draw with this photo of Dunkin & Gia in a "Romeo and Juliet" pose.

Featured Dog Park

Te Mata Peak

The jewel in the crown of the Hawkesbay!
"By the time you get to the top both dogs and their owners are puffed but have had a ball... And then there is the view!"
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Congratulations to Jeanine and her dog Comet from Havelock North for winning the Featured Dog Park for
January 2019!
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What is your favourite dog park or other pup play area? Let us know, and if your spot is featured in the next newsletter you'll win a bag of Natures Goodness Dog Treats plus $30 of Natures Goodness vouchers!

Kiwis for kiwi News

The Story of Shya - Part 4


Be in to win ALL four Flavours of our Natures Goodness grainfree canned dog food simply by answering the question below correctly. To enter, click on the letter of the answer that you think is correct.
Which of the following is NOT a Natures Goodness grainfree canned food flavour?
  • A - Chicken & Duck with Garden Vegetables
  • B - Chocolate Pudding
  • C - Homestyle Beef Stew with Carrots & Potatoes
  • D - Kangaroo with Sweet Potato & Green Beans
Congratulations to our four winners from last month: Carol, Tracey, Graham and Karlene who each won a 1.25kg bag of Natures Goodness Grainfree Dry Dog Food.

Buy in Bulk Online

You can now purchase Natures Goodness in bulk online and have it delivered directly to your door anywhere in New Zealand without a shipping fee! Our bulk online range includes:

- Chicken & Duck dry food - 7kg & 20kg
- Wild Game dry food - 4 x 3kg
- Our full range of grainfree cans - 12 x 400g cans per tray
- Chicken Jerky Treats - 1kg (currently out of stock)
- Lamb Jerky Treats - 1kg (currently out of stock)
Click here to buy online at www.petfoodsales.co.nz
Wishing you and your canine companions a super summer season!
From the team at Natures Goodness.